At The CM Group we are committed to partnering with our clients to facilitate connections and deliver education to their physician and patient communities. With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to be a part of our everyday lives, we are constantly evolving our thinking and how we approach each collaboration.

We all need to think differently.

We think differently.

Let’s talk.

We are the dot connectors.

meaningful engagements.

You have an important story to tell. Your work helps shape the standard of care and impacts patient quality of life. How your narrator tells your story, where it’s told, and measuring how it is received are paramount to your overall success.

Let us help. Our reason for being is to deliver the details that matter with uncompromising precision. We are staffed with magicians, choreographers, technology junkies, energizer bunnies, i-dotters and t-crossers.

You work hard to build your story. We’ll partner with you to make sure it’s heard.



50 +


85 +

patient speakers

100 +


2,000 +

regional sponsorships

3,200 +


25,000 +

speaker programs

1,500 +

physician speakers